The first drift in East China


The Tongmu stream which is from the Huanggang mountain and Qinglong waterfall in Wuyi mountain nature reserve is o­ne of the Nine bends stream’s sources. It is 20 km away from the scenic area and has the most clear and pure water.
The drift by the rubber dinghy in Tongmu stream is also called the first drift of east China. The drift section of the stream is about 12 li , the entire drift process takes you approximately a half hour, it is thrilling and stimulate. The beginning of the drift is the nature researve , and the ending is near the Qinglongchuan and Taoyuanyu. The fluent is rapid, the highest dropping variance is about 2.8 meters.
Wuyi mountain belongs to typical subtropical oceanic humid monsoonal climate, which has a distinct four seasons and abundant rain. The annual average temperate is 17℃ to 19℃, and the hottest season is July, the coldest season is January. The best time for traveling there is June to September.


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